Monday, March 7, 2011


Wow! Time really can run away with you when you get busy! I am sooo sorry!!! Bubba is doing much better now that the bug has passed, and now he has picked up a cold mixed with allergies and I'm sure some teething thrown in there!

We did family pictures today as we are starting to prepare for daddy's deployment :( So, if you don't see me around here for another few weeks I'm enjoying my husband. I hope you can forgive me! And if you do, don't be suprised if it's very sporadic (when Hubs is out working out, trying to lose weight for an upcoming weigh in).

So, some things I learned from Bubba's illness.
1. You can never push too many fluids.
2. Popsicles are wonderful! Though they do come out the same color that they go down.
3. Jello jigglers weren't my best idea (they count as a liquid and I though they would add some variety.
4. Pedialyte is not for every baby (and is super expensive).
5. Chair covers are great for washing out vomit.
6. Wash all vomit out of clothes, sheets, blankets, ect . at the END of the day, not as you go.
7. More than 2 sets of sheets would be nice.
8. There is nothing worse than baby vomitting and then wanting to cuddle up to you in the puddle of vomit on your shirt.
9. Showers and baths are wonderful!
10. Nothing is worse than watching your baby suffer!

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