Friday, December 31, 2010


Every year we make them...Resolutions...but how long do we actually stick to them? Promises to get healthy, change a bad habit, make better decisions, the list goes on and on. Each year I make the same resolution and it lasts into about March, and then I get side tracked.

I promise myself I'm going to use my cookbooks. I have quite the collection of cookbooks. I love to collect them from the different places that we've lived. I love the Food Network. I love Top Chef. I love food. This year, I think instead of focusing on new recipes (which I use more as guidelines than rules on re-creating the recipe...sometimes to my utter failure), I'm going to focus on new foods.

My goal, to try a new food each month. I plan on exposing my family to a new healthy food each month. Maybe try a seasonal vegetable that I've never tackled before, like a fennel bulb. Or try to cook a food that I never have before, maybe squid...then again maybe not...

I want Bubba to grow up exposed to as many different foods as possible. I want him to be willing to try different things and not avoid them just because his parents avoided them or didn't like them (brussel sprouts and spinach anyone?). Hubs and I decided when I was pregnant to try to incorporate foods that we swore we didn't like into our diets, like mushrooms, so that our children would grow up liking them. I've even gotten him eating tomatoes, something that his mother can not believe.

Do I want to get healthy this year? Yes. Do I want to make better decisions for my finances? Yes. But as a resolution, I want to try new foods, whether I cook them or get them as takeout (I've never had curry before, and truly believe that I might be better off trying that from someplace that knows how to prepare it), I will try at least 12 new foods this year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cut the Cheese

Ever wondered how to get perfectly sliced cubes of cheese quickly (I know you didn't think I meant anything else from the above mentioned title)? I have a solution for you...string! Every time I go to make a cheese platter for anything I struggle with my knife getting gunked up from cutting cheese. Even when I was pregnant and would slice up cheese for one of my snacks I struggled with this, and I sure wish I had discovered this solution before. Now I'm sure many of you are saying "duh," but seriously I just discovered this, and I spend quite a few hours in the kitchen. And I'm sure not all of you knew this...if you did, just humor me. All you need is your cheese and some string.
Loop the string around your fingers, like you are flossing.

And pull through...presto, instant cut and no gunky knife. I know, slightly silly tutorial, but I can't be the only person who didn't know this. Now when you are making up a nice cheese and cracker tray for your New Year's party you won't be fighting with your knife...heck, your kids can help you with it, and you don't have to worry about them with a knife!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naked time

I learned when I started to cloth diaper that one of the best ways to treat diaper rash is to allow the baby some naked time. Let it all air out, so to say. We've been doing this with Bubba at night, and I can say that it truly does make a difference. He loves his naked time. I'm not sure quite what it is, but he crawls all over the place...naked and giggling.

He thinks it's so funny that now every time we take off his diaper he sees if he can escape us.

This method of diaper rash prevention does not come without it's risks though. Hubs thought I was nuts the first time I suggested it! And up until a few days ago we carried this off without a hitch! See beautiful picture below for a laugh at the presumed pitfalls of such treatment.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Leftovers...Day 1

What do you do when 5/6 of your guests don't show up? You eat leftovers...lots of them. It can get quite frustrating and boring though, as I quite honestly am not a big fan of eating the same meal 2 days in a row. I actually purposely schedule a leftover day for 2 days later so that I don't have to do that. My taste buds easily bore.

My dilemma as I cooked for 10 extra adults and only had myself and my husband to eat what was made is how to deal with the leftovers and still have them fresh. Yes, there is always the freezer, but really...who wants to relive the same leftovers for over a month...because, yes, I do have that many leftovers (and I still have Thanksgiving Turkey in my freezer)!

Tonight I tackled the beef and cheese that were actually eaten on Christmas. I added to it a baguette and sugar peas that were to be eaten on Christmas, but I ended up not cooking them (that way they would be fresh later on when we would eat them). So steamed peas, my favorite, and really better fresh anyhow and open faced sammies :)

I toasted up the baguette that I sliced on the bias with a little EVOO (I'm a huge Rachael Ray fan if you can't tell). I then rubbed the toast with a clove of garlic, which gives you an amazing garlic bread if you've never tried it, and topped it with some freshly grated Gruyere cheese (I made these as an appetizer/side roll, and they were amazing!!!). Melted that for about 10 minutes and put some shaved beef on top of the cheese. Then we could top as we liked, though I am a big fan of plain.

Let me just say that these were so yummy that I'm tempted to freeze the rest of the beef and bring it out again for my son's birthday party in this form...seriously...that good!

This method would work with any of your Christmas leftovers (though if you eat ham I would probably leave off the garlic...just trust me on this one, garlic + ham is not a happy mouth combo).

The rest of my roasted veggies were frozen and will probably be making a re-appearance in the very near future...

Monday, December 27, 2010

House of Chocolate

What's better than Chocolate? A house completely built from it! Who needs gingerbread when you've got this!!! This amazing house is displayed at Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. Many of you may not know that Hershey, PA (yes where the town smells of chocolate) has not only a hockey team, and an amusement park, but also has this little place called Chocolate World.

Growing up I remember making trips here. Probably because the ride was free, and at the end you get to sample some free chocolate. But it was always a highlight for me. I loved riding the ride and singing the song (which they've changed...much to my dismay). And it is still an adventure each time I get to go back.
I just had to make sure you saw the huge kisses on top of the roof, which is made from one of my favorite chocolate bars they make. Can you guess which on it is?

Where do I sign up to help tear this baby down at the end of the season?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Feast and Celebration

Our morning started with mimosas, as any truly good morning should (it was followed by gallons of coffee as Christmas Eve was filled with teething and not a lot of sleep). It was followed by presents, and a little boy who didn't know if he wanted to see the new things he had gotten or play with his old standbys.
Then came time to prepare the dinner. I was suppose to have about 10 extra guests to share the meal with (Marines who were stuck on base), but they were all a no-show :(

It was their loss, however.

As the beast (beef) and veggies were wonderful. And we have enough leftovers to last us the rest of 2010.

And dessert was wonderful...Apple Pie...mmm...

I do think Hubs and I ate half the pie and a good portion of the to do with the leftovers?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love and joy!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,lying in a manger...Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.
Luke 2: 11-12,14
As we spend time with family and friends this weekend, opening presents and gorging ourselves on cookies (remember the New Year is only a week away....which only means RESOLUTIONS) it is important to remember the reason behind the season. Because the best gift of all this year, it can't be found in stores, it isn't on clearance, it will last a lifetime if you put it in your heart and share it with a friend- JESUS!
Treasure your family today and make many memories...That's what I'm doing!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Deck the Halls

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, our family has the tradition of getting a new ornament every Christmas. It's a tradition my mother started and one that I look forward to continuing with Bubba. He wasn't quite sure what to make of decorating the Tree, actually, he wasn't sure what to think of a tree being inside the house.

But at least he was a fan of his ornament!

I wish you all a Blessed Christmas Eve! May God fill each of your Hearts with Christmas Joy, Peace, and Love. I pray that in the morning we may remain Christ focused as he is the true reason for celebrating this joyous season!

Our Christmas-y Weekend

Our weekend home was filled with family and presents. I'll be honest, though I had access to a computer, I felt that spending time with the family was much more important. When we finally got home, a day later than expected, I was buried in laundry and Bubba developed a fever (102.6), so my motherly duties took over...which happens. I'm finally getting caught up, but you'll have to excuse me if I spend the better part of this weekend with my boys.
Bubba and his cousin, checking each other out

We love our Little People...

Not sure what to make of all these gifts!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas-y weekend

We're braving the roads and the snow...we're driving to Pennsylvania to celebrate Christmas with the families. Traveling home over Christmas itself is just not happening. While it is time for family and friends, I feel it is also important for Bubba to learn our traditions. It is important to have him wake up in his own bed Christmas morning, and while he won't remember it this year, we have to set the standards for the rest of the family this year. It's going to be a busy crazy family filled weekend, but then we get to relax until Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feel behind...

As I was surfing through some of my favorite blogs, I came across a chance at $500 worth of books. I LOVE books! Bubba LOVES books. What a deal, even though I am sure that I will NOT win. I went to the site hosting the giveaway and surfed through their books....dreaming of what I would get. On the site I found a book called Cake Pops by Bakerella. I was intrigued. Especially because it looked like it was from the same publishers as Hub's Whoopie Pie cookbook (and yes there is a connection there).

Needless to say I jumped on Google and typed in Cake Pops. It took me directly to Bakerella's blog and I was FLOORED! These are perhaps the cutest darn things I've ever seen! Not to mention the fact that they are ingenious! I have been brainstorming ideas for Bubba's 1st birthday party, and was definitely thinking along the lines of cupcakes. But I have totally changed my tune! I will so be making these! I'm thinking in the shape of fish...maybe with a little sign saying "One fish, Two Fish, Have a Red Fish and a Blue Fish. Or if you like what you see, have a Green Fish and make it Three." Each one will be a different flavor combo. My creative juices are flowing!

I feel behind because I find them one day and the next day I see her on the Today Show! I must be living under a rock!

I tried making them, only without the sticks and they came out beautifully...with a little practice. So easy! So yummy and addicting! Thank You Bakerella you are a genius! And let me just say these would be a very fun project to do with kids. They could help crumble the cake, mix in the frosting, make the balls, or dip them in the chocolate and decorate. Ohhh if only Bubba were older! I'll never have enough days in a year to do all the crafts and baking fun with him...this one though will be a must because I see many of these in my future for get togethers and bake sales!

This book is now on my Christmas list!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Let the fun begin. This past week, Bubba has mastered toddling a few steps. Everyday he gets more and more confident. I can't believe I'll probably have a walker by Christmas! He is so cute about it, and now there is absolutely no containing him! He's so proud of himself, and I'll be quite honest, I'm proud of him! Though I thought I had a month or 2 to go before we reached this hurdle, I am glad to have been able to experience it! There really isn't a first that I've missed, which is truly a blessing!

Now I am keeping him barefoot since it really does help with the walking development (or so I've read). Which is hard as winter has finally graced us with her blustery presence. Though Bubba is prone to taking shoes off or chewing on socks, so they don't help much on keeping those little Piggies warm anyhow. He is loving all toys that pertain to walking (mainly a push behind walker) and walking from furniture to mommy to toy and back again. It really is fun watching him grow and develop (and fun to share as well).

They really do grow up too fast! I can't wait for him to show off his new talent to his grandparents this weekend!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Christmas Chronicles

This year Hubs and I started reading Christmas Chronicles. The first book in the series is The Autobiography of Santa Claus. We found it on the reduced book table at BAM and were super excited. Mainly because we found a copy with all 3 stories. The book is written so there are 24 Chapters. One for each night of December.

We are loving the first book. We so glad we bought the volume! What I am loving is how openly Christian the book is. It takes you back to how Christmas could have started, as a holiday celebrating the birth of Christ to what it is today. Not only that, but it has history mingled in the stories. Ever wonder what really happened to Attilla the Hun? Or King Arthur? This is a tradition that I will be continuing from now on (I may not even wait until next year to read the 2nd and 3rd books).

We are half way through the story now and every night I look forward to hearing Hubs read to Bubba and I just before Bubba's bedtime. There are so many instances where I just begin to chuckle (distracting Bubba from his mission...the Boob). Filled with humor and history and a whole lot of Christmas magic this is a book that will be staying with our family's Christmas traditions.

I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my opinions.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Worn Out

With the changes in Bubba's naps, mainly me not holding him for hours on end, he finally crashed. This week, Bubba and I went out for one afternoon. I decided that the house was holding me prisoner and I needed some freedom. Once lunch time came around, we packed ourselves up and went to Wegman's (a favorite lunch or dinner spot for me). Then off to Costco for gas and stamps (unfortunately the US Postal Service won't deliver Christmas Cards without postage). After that we made a quick stop at the Clinic for Bubba's second flu shot (which he took like a champ) and a quick stop over to JoAnn's for coating chocolate. Whew. I'm tired just typing that out!

After all that, we made it home at 3. Which isn't too bad. I tried with all my might to get Bubba to take his afternoon nap, but he was wired after a quick cat nap in the car. After an hour of trying different things, I gave up.

Dinner was finished and I had placed some puffs (my saviors!) in front of him so I could get my dinner together, and maybe choke down a few bites before witching hour began. All of a sudden I looked over at him, since he was being unusually quiet, and his head was down and he was SNORING! Well, good mommy that I am couldn't resist the photo opportunity!

I guess it's true that kids will fall asleep wherever they are in whatever position!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

I know, it's a been awhile since you've probably thought of your turkey, but I still have some in my freezer. As Christmas looms closer, I need to clear out a little space in my freezer for the leftovers that are sure to come. So tonight, on a whim, I changed my dinner menu. I decided instead of the Turkey tetrazini I was going to make I would instead use up a few more leftovers in my pantry and refrigerator. I made a Turkey Leftover Lasagna and it was memorable!

Wonderful layers of pasta noodles with turkey and vegetables. And warm gooey cheese along with the crunch on top (because for me there is nothing better than the top cheese layer of a good lasagna or casserole). It was wonderful! Warning: It is hard to stop with just one piece!

Turkey Leftover Lasagna

1 cup cooked turkey, shredded or cubed
1 cup peas
1 bell pepper, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 celery stalk, diced
1/2 cup cauliflower, diced
Shredded Cheese (whatever you have in your refrigerator)
1 Can Cream of chicken soup
Lasagna Noodles

Mix your soup with 1 can of water (this is for the no bake noodles...if you precooked yours you may want to cut back on the water here). Spray your baking dish and put a ladle full of soup in bottom of pan. Place a layer of noodles down and cover with turkey. Put 1/2-1 c. of cheese on top of the turkey. Ladle more of the soup on top of that and then arrange another layer of noodles. Place diced veggies on top, ladle more soup over that. Cover with more noodles. Pour the rest of the soup on top and put a layer of cheese on top of that. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes until heated through and veggies are cooked to desired doneness. Let sit for 10-15 minutes then serve. **NOTE**If you don't like your veggies to have a little crunch feel free to saute them before adding them to the lasagna. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Do you have someone in your life who is tough to buy gifts for? I know I do. I'll be honest, it's my in-laws. They have everything they need and want (they helped us unpack as we were moving and constantly made comments on how I should get rid of my kitchen gadgets...hmmm....). This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. I would love to get them, fun Christmas Plates or some decorations, but I also know that they would not fully appreciate them.

Last year, Hubs and I came across the answer. Everyone in his family, and anyone who we didn't fully know what to get got something from Heifer Project International. Never heard of them? Let me tell you about them :)

Heifer project works with communities in underprivileged countries to end poverty and hunger. They give the gifts of livestock so that the people can work to help their communities. A cow not only provides milk, but can be bred to produce more cows, and can someday be eaten. Not only do they give cows, sheep, and pigs, but also fish and honeybees.

If you do not have the funds to buy a whole cow (I know I don't) you can buy a portion of a cow. They give you a card to then give to whoever you bought the gift for saying that you made a donation of whatever you bought in honor of them. It's a winwin situation. My family doesn't get more "stuff" and a family who needs it gets some goats.

If you'd like more information go to their website

I have not been compensated in any way for this post. I feel that during this season of giving it is important to give back to the community and world around us. It's what Jesus would have us do.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cat Toys

Bubba is fascinated with cat toys. I can't explain why. But it seems that I would be better off getting him those for Christmas and his Birthday than real toys. Plus, then the cat would be able to play with them too!

I know to expect him to play with the boxes and the paper. I expected that. I was warned about that before he was born. What I didn't expect was for him to constantly, every day, play with the cat toys. He even plays fetch with them every time I take a toy away. That is if he isn't throwing a tantrum! Even the cat finds it curious (as you can see).

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Break out the cookie cutters! I have a recipe and kid friendly activity for you!

Growing up, I have wonderful memories of making these delicious sugary, buttery cookie. I mean what's better than butter and sugar and cookie cutters? Absolutely nothing in my opinion (okay maybe chocolate). These cookies scream Christmas to me. Every year it gives me an excuse to break out my Grandma's old cookie cutters and play with sprinkles and colored sugars.

It's funny how as I grew older I fought and resisted decorating these cookies. Yet, they are one of my favorite Christmas Cookie. I have so many memories surrounding the messes that I would make. I remember the detail I would put into putting the sanding sugars onto the cookies and how by the end my fingers would be an ugly brown/gray from the mixing of all the dyes on them. My sister and I would make the biggest messes in the world, and fight over who got to make the purple snowman. And now that I'm all grown up, I still throw some purple snowmen and green teddy bears into my cookies. I can't wait to share this cookie with Bubba next year, and to clean up his sugary mess.

Warning to the cookie dough eater: This dough is addicting. Yes, I know it has raw eggs in it, but I'll be honest, I cannot resist cookie dough. Actually, I can't resist cake batter, brownie batter, frosting... Well, I'm sure you get the idea.


2 sticks butter (must use the real thing)

2 cups granulated sugar

3 eggs

4 cups flour

Cream together butter and sugar.

Add eggs one at a time.

Slowly add flour.

Divide dough and shape into disks and refrigerate for at least 3 hours (dough can be frozen, use dough within 3 days if not frozen...can make at Christmas freeze until Easter and have Easter cookies).

Roll dough out to desired thickness.

Use cookie cutters to cut out the desired shapes.

Brush with egg wash (use whites only or else your cookies get a yellow tinge). Decorate with sugar, sprinkles and jimmies.Place on ungreased cookie sheet (though the use of parchment paper will make your life so much easier!)and bake at 350-375 for about 10 minutes.

Cool and store in a tin or plastic. They are irresistible!

This is a family recipe, any resemblance to a printed recipe is coincidental.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Words!

Bubba has been saying "Dadda" for the longest time. And I'll be honest, I'm quite a bit jealous. I take care of him every day, and have been trying to get him to say 'momma' for the longest time. But he would refuse. I actually think Bubba took joy in refusing! I would say "Say mamamama" and he would smile and shake his head no (an accomplishment of his that delights him to no end).

A few days ago I thought I heard him say it one morning, but couldn't be sure. But just the other night, a rough one, he was crying in his crib, calling me. When I walked in he looked at me, stood up, and started saying "Momma."

Completely melted my heart! I picked him up and gave him a ton of kisses. And then, yes, I gave him the boob, even though we are slowly trying to wean him from the 3-4 night time feedings, hoping to get more sleep ourselves!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In the past 5 years I've been married, hubs and I have developed our own family traditions. Every year we contimplate adding a new tradition to our holidays. Here are some of our traditions:

The day after Thanksgiving we always have Turkey Corn Chili (recipe here). Hubs saw the recipe on Rachael Ray and just had to make it after our first Thanksgiving. Well, it was so good that we just couldn't not make it tradition. Plus it goes really well in a crockpot so we can still go out shopping :)

Each year, Hubs and I pick one cookie and one candy each to be made. This way we aren't making a ton for us to sit around and gorge ourselves on. Usually he picks a buttery cookie with frosting in the middle. I change mine every year. The first year I chose Gingerbread and didn't realize how much my recipe made. We ate gingerbread men until Easter (okay...we would have if I hadn't given them to everyone as a gift). In the way of candy I always make my mom's fudge...mmm...usually I make it about 3-4 times because it is so popular. And I like to make Date Balls (Dates, sugar, and Rice cereal). Now I'm hungry.

We've always had a real tree. There's just something special about a real tree and the smell, assuming you aren't allergic. Ever since I was born my mother has always gotten me a new ornament. Then when I got married I had a small stash for my future tree. Hubs liked the idea so much that we continued the tradition (and I made my mom continue it as well). It was fun picking out Bubba's ornament this year!

Christmas Eve, after church, we always exchange our 2nd present (assuming the first is the ornament). The present is always the same. New PJs. We then wear those for pictures the next morning. We also take pictures on our way to church in front of our lit up tree. Just a special way to remember the year (this picture is from last year, and I'm very pregnant).

For Christmas meal we have Roast mean Beef. And a special bread in the morning while we open presents. Writing all this really puts me in the Holiday Spirit. We're always looking for new traditions. This year we started a new tradition. We are reading The Autobiography of Santa Claus and so far we are very much enjoying it!

What traditions does your family have to celebrate the season?

Monday, December 6, 2010


It's hard to believe how much laundry I do a week! It's only 3 people, yet I feel like I wash for an army! I never really enjoyed doing laundry until I started using cloth diapers (which is another subject entirely). Now, however, I LOVE it. I think it boils down to the satisfaction I get from taking something as dirty as a diaper and making it clean and usable. Very gratifying!

Because I do so much laundry, I find it important to find ways to cut back on our energy bill. I grew up with my mother hanging laundry out on the wash line, year round. I haven't had a wash line since getting married (and can't wait until the day we settle down and I can put up a large one). Instead I use the drying racks you can find at Walmart. They are up year round at my house, and almost always covered with laundry. Yes, it does take a little longer to dry, and yes my clothing is a little stiff, but it saves on energy tremendously, especially in the summer (why pay for air conditioning only to run a dryer and heat up the house).

I find I can also take these racks outside on a sunny day to speed up the process. Plus, the sun is a fabulous stain remover and brightener. If I could bottle sunshine, I bet I could make millions!

This is just one way I crunch a little. I've converted my husband to this way of laundering, and he has no complaints (though he was quite resistant at first).

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I started a very bad habit. From the time that Bubba was born until recently, we took naps together. It began, when at 1 week old, he was put on a bili-blanket (for jaundice). This habit has been hard to break ever since. I enjoy our cuddles. I enjoy taking naps as well. Yet, as I begin to try to get out more and am looking to go back to work, I am trying to transition him to napping on his own. Not to mention, the many loads of laundry I can get done or the cookies I can bake. It's a hard process for both of us, and separation anxiety do not make it any easier.

I started with morning naps. I began nursing him in his room before the nap and laying him down. Day 1 went beautifully. Days 2-4 he would wake up and scream. So we would sit and cuddle and I'd try again. This went go on for 1 hour and I gave up. By this time he was so awake that we went downstairs and played. Nap 2 was spent with me and would last 2-3 hours, which meant I would take said nap as well. Day 5 I tried to do nap 2 this way. I tried to let him scream for 15 minute intervals, but always ended up picking him up, cuddling, and again gave up after an hour. This resulted in an earlier bedtime, as a result an earlier waking time and tired momma. Then I also needed a nap.

It is hard to break bad habits. I wish I had never started, yet justified it by saying that "he would only be this young once" and "someday he wouldn't want to cuddle with me." I stand by that, however, right now I am worried that when I go back to work it will be even harder on him at daycare.

It doesn't help that Hubs enjoys his cuddles and naps too!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


If you've ever had a baby, you know what a challenge it is to clip the little finger and toe nails. I was given/read all sorts of advice. Clip the nails while the baby sleeps. Clip them after a bath. Have one parent hold the baby while the other clips the nails. I could go on and on. The one piece of advice I was never give: Wear protective gear!

Crazy I know, but as I was clipping Bubba's toe nails this week one of the little buggers flew up and into my eye! Luckily I was clipping them with him sitting in his high chair (a tip I was never given but makes clipping the toe nails so much easier because the baby can't grab at the nail clippers or your hands as the tray runs defense...add some cheerios and usually Bubba is quite content). So, I was able to run to the bathroom to extract above mentioned clipping before finishing up the rest of those little piggies.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Recently, Bubba has shunned traditional baby food. In other words "No more purees mommy!" So I've been racking my brain for ideas on how I can get him to eat the purees along with some of my table solid foods. Then it occurred to me. This summer I found some Gerber self-feeders at a discount store when visiting Pennsylvania for $0.99. What a bargain, how could I not get them? So I dug them out (I had tried a few times before, but never with much success as all Bubba wanted to do was throw them on the floor, creating quite the mess).

He was intrigued! Didn't fully grasp the concept of dipping the 'food' end into the bowl, but totally understood the putting it in his mouth! When I received my Baby Center newsletter for the month, little did I realize that when they said meal times are going to get messier they meant it!

Then again they never said I needed to give him the bowl...or the spoon.
But in the end he was quite proud of himself (I promise, he was much happier than this picture looks...he was clapping and tired of me snapping photos).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the Family

Meet my family, my inspirations!

My name is Nancy. I embarked on this adventure called motherhood 10 months ago when the light of my life entered the world, Bubba (Obviously not his given name, but a nickname that's stuck). His nickname is an evolved one. He was born one snowy Friday in Kentucky (where everyone is Bubba or Sissy, when Hubs and I moved there I swore my children would never go by one of these nicknames). I breastfed (still do) and he is such a boob man that we called him Boob or Booba for the first few months of his life. Well, I didn't want him growing up with that nickname, nor did I enjoy the strange looks I would get in public calling him by this nickname-think going to church and calling him over by one of those nicknames. So it evolved into Bubba, and I really feel every family should have a Bubba in it. He really is my world!

Before he came along, I was (still am) a nurse. At the moment I am a Stay at Home Mommy, and enjoying this adventure, though once he turns 1 the adventure will be ending and I'll begin looking for employment. I am blessed to have a husband who supported and encouraged me to stay home for Bubba's first year. I have marvelled at each and every one of his firsts. What a true lesson to me on dependence, trust, and love.

Hubs is dutifully serving his 9th year as a United States Marine, currently home, though deployment is looming closer. We are stateside for the next few years, eagerly awaiting seeing the west coast or other cultures outside of the United States.

We are both from Pennsylvania and have family in Lancaster. We love going home to visit, but are ready when the time comes to go home again as we are quite independent (much to our family's dismay). I'm sure the independence comes as a result of our situation. After I graduated college I moved to North Carolina to be with my husband, and from there we moved to Kentucky. And now here we are at our 3rd duty station (and as many of you know, with the military there are just somethings I need to keep to family only information...I'll let you know once the station changes).

We are not perfect, but in our imperfection comes a lot of love. We have been taught through our circumstances and many moves to fully trust that God will provide for us, many times a difficult lesson. We have learned to treasure family and to make our own traditions. I wouldn't trade our ride for anything and look forward to sharing it with you!

Feel free to comment with questions or ideas for future posts! I love hearing from anyone who happens upon my site!

Have a blessed day!