Friday, December 3, 2010


Recently, Bubba has shunned traditional baby food. In other words "No more purees mommy!" So I've been racking my brain for ideas on how I can get him to eat the purees along with some of my table solid foods. Then it occurred to me. This summer I found some Gerber self-feeders at a discount store when visiting Pennsylvania for $0.99. What a bargain, how could I not get them? So I dug them out (I had tried a few times before, but never with much success as all Bubba wanted to do was throw them on the floor, creating quite the mess).

He was intrigued! Didn't fully grasp the concept of dipping the 'food' end into the bowl, but totally understood the putting it in his mouth! When I received my Baby Center newsletter for the month, little did I realize that when they said meal times are going to get messier they meant it!

Then again they never said I needed to give him the bowl...or the spoon.
But in the end he was quite proud of himself (I promise, he was much happier than this picture looks...he was clapping and tired of me snapping photos).

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