Friday, December 31, 2010


Every year we make them...Resolutions...but how long do we actually stick to them? Promises to get healthy, change a bad habit, make better decisions, the list goes on and on. Each year I make the same resolution and it lasts into about March, and then I get side tracked.

I promise myself I'm going to use my cookbooks. I have quite the collection of cookbooks. I love to collect them from the different places that we've lived. I love the Food Network. I love Top Chef. I love food. This year, I think instead of focusing on new recipes (which I use more as guidelines than rules on re-creating the recipe...sometimes to my utter failure), I'm going to focus on new foods.

My goal, to try a new food each month. I plan on exposing my family to a new healthy food each month. Maybe try a seasonal vegetable that I've never tackled before, like a fennel bulb. Or try to cook a food that I never have before, maybe squid...then again maybe not...

I want Bubba to grow up exposed to as many different foods as possible. I want him to be willing to try different things and not avoid them just because his parents avoided them or didn't like them (brussel sprouts and spinach anyone?). Hubs and I decided when I was pregnant to try to incorporate foods that we swore we didn't like into our diets, like mushrooms, so that our children would grow up liking them. I've even gotten him eating tomatoes, something that his mother can not believe.

Do I want to get healthy this year? Yes. Do I want to make better decisions for my finances? Yes. But as a resolution, I want to try new foods, whether I cook them or get them as takeout (I've never had curry before, and truly believe that I might be better off trying that from someplace that knows how to prepare it), I will try at least 12 new foods this year.

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