Monday, December 27, 2010

House of Chocolate

What's better than Chocolate? A house completely built from it! Who needs gingerbread when you've got this!!! This amazing house is displayed at Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. Many of you may not know that Hershey, PA (yes where the town smells of chocolate) has not only a hockey team, and an amusement park, but also has this little place called Chocolate World.

Growing up I remember making trips here. Probably because the ride was free, and at the end you get to sample some free chocolate. But it was always a highlight for me. I loved riding the ride and singing the song (which they've changed...much to my dismay). And it is still an adventure each time I get to go back.
I just had to make sure you saw the huge kisses on top of the roof, which is made from one of my favorite chocolate bars they make. Can you guess which on it is?

Where do I sign up to help tear this baby down at the end of the season?

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