Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Words!

Bubba has been saying "Dadda" for the longest time. And I'll be honest, I'm quite a bit jealous. I take care of him every day, and have been trying to get him to say 'momma' for the longest time. But he would refuse. I actually think Bubba took joy in refusing! I would say "Say mamamama" and he would smile and shake his head no (an accomplishment of his that delights him to no end).

A few days ago I thought I heard him say it one morning, but couldn't be sure. But just the other night, a rough one, he was crying in his crib, calling me. When I walked in he looked at me, stood up, and started saying "Momma."

Completely melted my heart! I picked him up and gave him a ton of kisses. And then, yes, I gave him the boob, even though we are slowly trying to wean him from the 3-4 night time feedings, hoping to get more sleep ourselves!

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