Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feel behind...

As I was surfing through some of my favorite blogs, I came across a chance at $500 worth of books. I LOVE books! Bubba LOVES books. What a deal, even though I am sure that I will NOT win. I went to the site hosting the giveaway and surfed through their books....dreaming of what I would get. On the site I found a book called Cake Pops by Bakerella. I was intrigued. Especially because it looked like it was from the same publishers as Hub's Whoopie Pie cookbook (and yes there is a connection there).

Needless to say I jumped on Google and typed in Cake Pops. It took me directly to Bakerella's blog and I was FLOORED! These are perhaps the cutest darn things I've ever seen! Not to mention the fact that they are ingenious! I have been brainstorming ideas for Bubba's 1st birthday party, and was definitely thinking along the lines of cupcakes. But I have totally changed my tune! I will so be making these! I'm thinking in the shape of fish...maybe with a little sign saying "One fish, Two Fish, Have a Red Fish and a Blue Fish. Or if you like what you see, have a Green Fish and make it Three." Each one will be a different flavor combo. My creative juices are flowing!

I feel behind because I find them one day and the next day I see her on the Today Show! I must be living under a rock!

I tried making them, only without the sticks and they came out beautifully...with a little practice. So easy! So yummy and addicting! Thank You Bakerella you are a genius! And let me just say these would be a very fun project to do with kids. They could help crumble the cake, mix in the frosting, make the balls, or dip them in the chocolate and decorate. Ohhh if only Bubba were older! I'll never have enough days in a year to do all the crafts and baking fun with him...this one though will be a must because I see many of these in my future for get togethers and bake sales!

This book is now on my Christmas list!

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