Sunday, December 5, 2010


I started a very bad habit. From the time that Bubba was born until recently, we took naps together. It began, when at 1 week old, he was put on a bili-blanket (for jaundice). This habit has been hard to break ever since. I enjoy our cuddles. I enjoy taking naps as well. Yet, as I begin to try to get out more and am looking to go back to work, I am trying to transition him to napping on his own. Not to mention, the many loads of laundry I can get done or the cookies I can bake. It's a hard process for both of us, and separation anxiety do not make it any easier.

I started with morning naps. I began nursing him in his room before the nap and laying him down. Day 1 went beautifully. Days 2-4 he would wake up and scream. So we would sit and cuddle and I'd try again. This went go on for 1 hour and I gave up. By this time he was so awake that we went downstairs and played. Nap 2 was spent with me and would last 2-3 hours, which meant I would take said nap as well. Day 5 I tried to do nap 2 this way. I tried to let him scream for 15 minute intervals, but always ended up picking him up, cuddling, and again gave up after an hour. This resulted in an earlier bedtime, as a result an earlier waking time and tired momma. Then I also needed a nap.

It is hard to break bad habits. I wish I had never started, yet justified it by saying that "he would only be this young once" and "someday he wouldn't want to cuddle with me." I stand by that, however, right now I am worried that when I go back to work it will be even harder on him at daycare.

It doesn't help that Hubs enjoys his cuddles and naps too!

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