Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Let the fun begin. This past week, Bubba has mastered toddling a few steps. Everyday he gets more and more confident. I can't believe I'll probably have a walker by Christmas! He is so cute about it, and now there is absolutely no containing him! He's so proud of himself, and I'll be quite honest, I'm proud of him! Though I thought I had a month or 2 to go before we reached this hurdle, I am glad to have been able to experience it! There really isn't a first that I've missed, which is truly a blessing!

Now I am keeping him barefoot since it really does help with the walking development (or so I've read). Which is hard as winter has finally graced us with her blustery presence. Though Bubba is prone to taking shoes off or chewing on socks, so they don't help much on keeping those little Piggies warm anyhow. He is loving all toys that pertain to walking (mainly a push behind walker) and walking from furniture to mommy to toy and back again. It really is fun watching him grow and develop (and fun to share as well).

They really do grow up too fast! I can't wait for him to show off his new talent to his grandparents this weekend!

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