Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In the past 5 years I've been married, hubs and I have developed our own family traditions. Every year we contimplate adding a new tradition to our holidays. Here are some of our traditions:

The day after Thanksgiving we always have Turkey Corn Chili (recipe here). Hubs saw the recipe on Rachael Ray and just had to make it after our first Thanksgiving. Well, it was so good that we just couldn't not make it tradition. Plus it goes really well in a crockpot so we can still go out shopping :)

Each year, Hubs and I pick one cookie and one candy each to be made. This way we aren't making a ton for us to sit around and gorge ourselves on. Usually he picks a buttery cookie with frosting in the middle. I change mine every year. The first year I chose Gingerbread and didn't realize how much my recipe made. We ate gingerbread men until Easter (okay...we would have if I hadn't given them to everyone as a gift). In the way of candy I always make my mom's fudge...mmm...usually I make it about 3-4 times because it is so popular. And I like to make Date Balls (Dates, sugar, and Rice cereal). Now I'm hungry.

We've always had a real tree. There's just something special about a real tree and the smell, assuming you aren't allergic. Ever since I was born my mother has always gotten me a new ornament. Then when I got married I had a small stash for my future tree. Hubs liked the idea so much that we continued the tradition (and I made my mom continue it as well). It was fun picking out Bubba's ornament this year!

Christmas Eve, after church, we always exchange our 2nd present (assuming the first is the ornament). The present is always the same. New PJs. We then wear those for pictures the next morning. We also take pictures on our way to church in front of our lit up tree. Just a special way to remember the year (this picture is from last year, and I'm very pregnant).

For Christmas meal we have Roast Beast...um...I mean Beef. And a special bread in the morning while we open presents. Writing all this really puts me in the Holiday Spirit. We're always looking for new traditions. This year we started a new tradition. We are reading The Autobiography of Santa Claus and so far we are very much enjoying it!

What traditions does your family have to celebrate the season?

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