Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the Family

Meet my family, my inspirations!

My name is Nancy. I embarked on this adventure called motherhood 10 months ago when the light of my life entered the world, Bubba (Obviously not his given name, but a nickname that's stuck). His nickname is an evolved one. He was born one snowy Friday in Kentucky (where everyone is Bubba or Sissy, when Hubs and I moved there I swore my children would never go by one of these nicknames). I breastfed (still do) and he is such a boob man that we called him Boob or Booba for the first few months of his life. Well, I didn't want him growing up with that nickname, nor did I enjoy the strange looks I would get in public calling him by this nickname-think going to church and calling him over by one of those nicknames. So it evolved into Bubba, and I really feel every family should have a Bubba in it. He really is my world!

Before he came along, I was (still am) a nurse. At the moment I am a Stay at Home Mommy, and enjoying this adventure, though once he turns 1 the adventure will be ending and I'll begin looking for employment. I am blessed to have a husband who supported and encouraged me to stay home for Bubba's first year. I have marvelled at each and every one of his firsts. What a true lesson to me on dependence, trust, and love.

Hubs is dutifully serving his 9th year as a United States Marine, currently home, though deployment is looming closer. We are stateside for the next few years, eagerly awaiting seeing the west coast or other cultures outside of the United States.

We are both from Pennsylvania and have family in Lancaster. We love going home to visit, but are ready when the time comes to go home again as we are quite independent (much to our family's dismay). I'm sure the independence comes as a result of our situation. After I graduated college I moved to North Carolina to be with my husband, and from there we moved to Kentucky. And now here we are at our 3rd duty station (and as many of you know, with the military there are just somethings I need to keep to family only information...I'll let you know once the station changes).

We are not perfect, but in our imperfection comes a lot of love. We have been taught through our circumstances and many moves to fully trust that God will provide for us, many times a difficult lesson. We have learned to treasure family and to make our own traditions. I wouldn't trade our ride for anything and look forward to sharing it with you!

Feel free to comment with questions or ideas for future posts! I love hearing from anyone who happens upon my site!

Have a blessed day!

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