Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jamey Long book review

I can honestly say it is rare for me to ever win anything! And recently I won a free book from a local blog :)

Let me say that I LOVE books and am determined to foster a love of books into my son. So I was excited when I was allowed to pick any one of a series of books by author Jamey M. Long.

Long writes children's books, starring a possum named Opie. Opie introduces children to historical events and different holidays in a fun and creative way. It was difficult to pick a free book and I'll be honest I came home with 1 other book and intentions on picking up a few more (the books were autographed, how could I refuse).

I got the book pictured here as my free book and was excited to get home with Bubba and start to read. I loved how Opie overheard Noah talking with God, being told to build an ark. Opie decides to help Noah by gathering the animals in the forest. The pictures were wonderful and the story correlated well with the Bible.

And if Bible stories aren't for you, there were other adventures Opie went on as well. The 2nd book I picked up was A Possum's Pirate Tale and His Pieces of Eight (Pirates are huge in our house, more the Hubs than the Bubs). These are books that will grow with Bubba and are definitely worth the read!

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