Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resolution Foods, #2 Curry

I'll be honest, curry is something that's always scared me. I can't explain why. I think it's because when I heard curry I always thought it would be spicy. And yet this month I decided to conquer my fear. I tackled curry...and without a recipe...

Okay, so it's not a true curry. I am well aware of this, but I really have been wanted to try out this spice (especially since I saw Ina Garten use it here). And Hubs can be a human food disposal (seriously, you should see the eggs he makes), so if I screwed up he'd eat it anyhow (probably over eggs).

Let me start by saying "IT WAS GOOD!" It wasn't spicy the way I'd envisioned it. It had a warm smell about it. But not a heat. When I opened my container, I was shocked at how good it smelled!

So I sauteed up some peppers and onions in some EVOO with a little S&P (salt and pepper).

And cheated when I made my rice.

Then added the Curry to my Chicken which I sauteed cut into little strips.
The chicken turned out tender, so I shared it with Bubba. He seemed to enjoy it too! Now maybe I'll have the courage to try that soup!

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