Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sleep Diaries, Week 5

It's hard to believe how far we've come in the past 5 weeks! Little did I realize when we started this endeavor that we would not only be undertaking the adjustment from napping on me to also the adjustment to nap transitions. I am much more patient not than when I started, and we are having a lot less tears (both are definite positives).

Night time is much improved! Bubba actually has nights where he sleeps all the way until 7 AM! Success! Can you tell I'm a bit excited? Now if only the retraining of my body to not wake up was as easy. It seems that every time I get close, Bubba has a night where he wakes between 4 and 5. Oh well, still taking steps forward.

Nap time has made a few baby steps. We've cut 2 teeth this week. Additionally, we've both had snotty noses and I've needed naps as well, so I'll openly admit to having about 2 naps with Bubba this week, and both were delightful (until I woke up and he was still asleep, and mother nature called). We've fallen into a pattern on days we remain in the house, where Bubba falls asleep between 10 and 11 for 30-45 minutes, then takes a longer afternoon nap. Hopefully we continue to make progress and I can have a few more productive afternoons (one afternoon I baked a batch of cookies and made a pair of about productive).

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