Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sleep Diaries, The Rules

We have begun. Hubs and I sat down and set a few rules to our sleep training initiative.

1. Naps are up to me, as I am the one with him during the day.

2. When Bubba wakes at night we will wait 15 minutes before going into him. There's a good chance he may put himself back to sleep.

3. I will not Breastfeed him for the first 6 hours he is in bed. This means that the first 6 hours if he wakes and does not go back down by himself he is all Daddys. No rocking, no prolonged cuddling. The plan is to lengthen this period over time to wean him from nighttime feedings but not cut him off all together.

4. After that 6 hours I may nurse him, after that nursing Bubba must wait 3-4 hours to nurse again, unless it is now morning (6:30-7:00).

I've compiled these ideas from different sources and probally will add to them as I am able to read more sources on them. Most of these ideas are from other moms who have posted their experience on Baby Center (a guilty pleasure to pass the time away). Thus the fun has begun!

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