Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sleep Diaries, Week 2

I'm beginning to feel as though I've lost my mind.

I had thought nighttime sleep had improved. Maybe I was being overly ambitious, because we're back to 2 consistent wakings at night. Once at 1, when Hubs will tend to Bubba's needs, and again at 3, where there isn't much he can do. I've tried letting Bubba cry, but after the 15 minute wait it breaks my heart. And the worse part is, I've come to the conclusion that checking in on him seems to do more harm than good. Sounds strange, but he cries louder and harder if we go in to reassure him. On top of that he has adopted a 6 am wake up time, as opposed to the 7, which I was much happier about.

Naps are another disaster in themselves. While Bubba is more easily laid down, he's not napping consistently. I'm beginning to believe that we are making a transition to one nap. I'm hoping that once his napping is sorted out then nights will follow. He goes down easily for a nap around 9:30, sleeps until 10:15, then wants to cuddle and continues to sleep until 11. Then he refuses to go down for a second nap. I'm hoping I can get his nap time to be a little later in the morning, actually I'd love for it to be after lunch, but will settle for later in the morning.

What happened to my book? It's hard to have time to read when I'm constantly did the millions of mothers before me get through this stage?

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