Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolution Foods, #1 Quinoa

Remember how I said that for the New Year I wanted to try a new food a month? Well, I've done it. My new food for the month of January was QUINOA! What is it you say? Well, that's a good question. Quinoa is a grain. Actually it's the seeds from a grain, cooked much the same way as rice. It's full of fiber, protein, amino acids, and other good for you stuff. And the best part? The family LOVED it. Hubs stated it was a "repeatable" dish, which in our house where we try new recipes like you change your undies, is high praise!

It's cooked in boiling water or stock for about 15 minutes. The liquid absorbs into the grain and it becomes almost translucent. The germ separates from the seed and looks like little worms, unappetizing I know, but I tell you this so you don't freak out. When I made it I almost threw out what I had thinking it had gone bad, but the germ looks like little spiral-y worms in with the grain. It's okay. I promise.

Quinoa salad:

Diced Veggies sauteed in EVOO
1 T Vinegar (Red Wine or Balsamic)
1 -2 C. cooked Quinoa
Toss and serve. Top with leftover chicken if you like (yet one more use for my Rotisserie Chicken).

And if you have a little man in your life who likes to eat what mommy and daddy are, it's good for them too! I mixed his in with some baby food (great way to get a baby who eats solids to finish up some of the purees you have for him).

Bubba loved it!

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