Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dinner is Served

Today was quite a day. We woke up to white out conditions and many accidents on the road. Truly putting a damper on our plans of hitting up the Commissary in the morning (before Bubba's nap..still trying sooo hard to get him to nap in his crib). Hubs was persistent on going grocery shopping with me (can you tell we don't get to go out together too much). I caved. Bubba fell asleep in his carrier (which was better than the fussy alternative) and we spent way too much. But we're prepping for his Birthday Party which is a week away!

Because of this change of plans, I was not in the mood for a complicated dinner. We had a meal that I truly made all of in the microwave, without dirtying a single pan. Does it get any better than this? The rice is one of the heat and go bags and the green beans are the steam bag freezer ones. The chicken was heated in the plastic container it came in! So easy. It was nice to have a night off and not have a big clean up...other than Bubba (how one baby seems to make such a big mess is still more than I can comprehend at times).

Can I just say how much I love Rotisserie Chicken! It is so versatile! Not to mention is is scrumptious and tender! I also love that most of the time it cost the same as it's uncooked brother, making my job that much easier. Bubba even enjoyed it! So, here are some ideas of how to use up the leftovers (if you have anything):

1. Makes a yummy sandwich, just add bread and mayo.
2. Turn into chicken salad (use the food processor for a smoother texture)
3. Make stock: Put the bones in your Crock pot and cover with water. Set on low and leave it alone for the day or over night.
4. Make soup (you can even use your homemade stock): Add chicken and frozen veggies and a grain/potato. It's even healthy!
5. Casserole. Need I say much more? We are big one pot/pan people, less mess = less clean up.
6. Puree and make baby food: warning though...I have yet to figure out how to maintain a texture that Bubba will eat...and he actually is moving away from purees.

I'm sure I could think of more if I really put my brain to it, but it's fried at the moment. So what are your uses of leftover chicken?

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