Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sleep Diaries, Week 4

I'm updating a day early due to the fact that I will be celebrating Bubba's Birthday over the next 2 days :) Hard to believe little man is going to be 1 on Friday!!!

This has definitely been a week of ups and downs in the nighttime sleep and napping category. For the weekend I ventured home to Pennsylvania with Bubba to celebrate Christmas with my extended family (yes, a bit late...just one of the quirks I love about my family). So, I knew that Saturday would be a late night and there would be no way of preserving bedtime. Unfortunately the whole time I was home (Thursday-Sunday) was an utter disaster in all areas regarding sleep! At night Bubba refused to sleep and needed nursed multiple times, and naps were just a no go. Not one, not two. He refused to nap for longer than 30 minutes a day, even while being held for a nap (I was getting desperate). Sunday, on my way home I planned the trip during nap time, thinking that this will definitely give Bubba a good nap...Nope. He decided to be awake for the entire car ride all 3 hours of it! Ughh!

But the week has rounded itself out nicely. For the past 2 days Bubba has taken a cat nap in the morning around 10 and a nice long nap starting around 1:30-2. I must say that I am quite pleased as I am typing this right now during a nap (a rarity for me as I usually write my update Wednesday night and schedule it to post on Thursday). Night times have also gotten better with being home and having Bubba sleep in his own crib. I don't want to count on it though, I know that these past 2 days could be a total fluke, but I am quite pleased with the results thus far. And on the positive, I think that Bubba has at least been broken of the need to be held while napping. Have to count every small victory ;)

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