Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Birthday Party

Crazy to think how much my baby is growing up! I've been thinking about his 1st Birthday Party since he's been about 5 months old, but nothing definite. Crazy how things evolve. It started out as a Pooh Party, then morphed into a "Library Party" (as Bubba adores his books). Then we decided to narrow books down to Seuss. But...

Do you know how hard it is to find Seuss-y invites? Yeah...pretty hard. And by the time that I was looking for them (I can be a serious procrastinator) it was too late to order them off the Internet. I couldn't even find any stickers (well...except for the Grinch, but somehow he doesn't scream Birthday to me). So, we made our own. Had I been a good mommy and prepared I would have started on this adventure way sooner. But the slacker and frugal part of me won out. The invites turned out okay, but they definitely did not scream Seuss. The outside stated:
Bubba is One
Today is his Day,
He makes his first wish
On his 1st Birthday!
While the inside stated:
January's the month,
The 15th the Day
From 1-4 is when we will play.
Cute right, just not Seuss-y without the direct reference to some characters. So we're going with it. No theme. Just Baby.
Our family's are coming down to visit for the day (Hubs just couldn't get off and we really didn't want to transplant his party to Pennsylvania if we didn't have to). Bless them. But because of the 3+ hour drive we aren't really going to have a boatload of people, just family willing to make the drive.
Side note: My grandmother, who can't make it sent a card with a check...or should I say 2 checks. One for Bubba and one for Hubs and I as a late wedding gift...we've only been married 5 years :) Better late than never!
I'll update with pictures when I can and a party re-cap.

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