Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Capturing Memories

Have you ever gotten home from an event, only to think to yourself the next day 'I wish I had pictures to remember?' I do this all the time! It never fails. I go to a party and wish I had brought my camera. I'm at a family picnic with camera in my bag and wish I had taken more pictures. It's frustrating.

My other vice when it comes to my camera, is that in this age of digital images I am horrible and I do mean HORRIBLE at printing the pictures that I take. I go through spurts where I'll print off some pictures, put them into an album, and never look at them again. Then I'll look at my camera a few months later and see that there are about 1,000 or more pictures (Bubba's a first child, can you tell?) that I don't even get to enjoy because they are stored on my camera SD card. It's very much like the old Kodak commercial.

I do have a solution, which since Bubba has been born has worked to a degree (I still haven't printed my photos). Shutterfly. It's my photo saviour! I'm able to upload my photos (with the intention of printing them, and I will someday soon) to a free server. I'm even able to publish and enjoy them on a free share site. I set one up a few years ago, while living in Kentucky, to keep the family connected. I try my best to update it once a month.

It is only during this update that I am able to enjoy the old photos I've taken. I must order some soon...Bubba is now 11 months old and I haven't updated his baby album since he was 2 weeks old..oops...

Now if only I had a solution to the remembering my camera issue...

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