Friday, January 21, 2011

Sock Creatures

My mother gave me a book for Christmas. Not surprising as I adore books. This book was an instructional guide on how to use old socks (or new ones) to create creatures. I have become addicted to these little guys! They are so easy and fun, and dang adorable!

I find myself longing to go to Target and raid their dollar aisle for socks that I can transform into these little monsters. I plan on giving them to my nieces and nephew as a Easter gift and Bubba is getting one for Valentine's Day. Actually I'm giving one away this weekend at my family Christmas Party (yes, my family celebrates Christmas well into January).

The best part about them? There are no rules! The sky is the limit when creating these little puppies and nothing goes to waste. Save your scraps and put them all together on another creature. The imperfections are what give the little guy character.

Here are my first 2 attempts (the OXOX one is for Bubba and the Striped one is party of my Dirty Santa gift):

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